Best Light Therapy Lamps 2017 – Full Review and Comparison

What is the significance of light in your life? Not much? However, knowingly, or unknowingly, it does produce an effect or perhaps an ill-effect on you!

Best Light Therapy Lamps 2017

SAD. No, I didn’t mean the ’emotion’; but rather the disorder itself. SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder is something that affects several people. As and when the winter crawls in, days tend to be the shortest and nights longer. This is one time when you would experience less direct sunlight.

Light Therapy Lamps

This disease usually provokes periods of lethargy and depression along with weight gain, fatigue, difficulty in falling asleep, etc. However, it’s speculated that artificial light, when exposed, can assist in treating these symptoms by spurring chemicals in the brain that influence mood.

Cure? There is no absolute cure for SAD. But you don’t worry! Light therapy is one effective treatment which can help you in dealing with the disorder. Moreover, you don’t have to go to any hospital for taking the treatment! What more do you want? You can now sit comfortably in your home, relax and get rid of this ‘so-called disorder’ with the therapy lamps. SAD lights mimic actual light, and this artificial light stimulates your body to generate vitamin D, which normally occurs when you have proper exposure to direct sunlight.

Top 10 SAD Therapy Lights in 2017

In here, you will find ten incredible therapy lamps, which we tested and proved to be the best ones available in the market. Would you like to buy a therapy light with a built-in timer or perhaps something which can give off 10,000 lux of illumination? Then you I would recommend you to read further because we can show you the best ones, which suits your needs.

1. Carex Health Brands Day-Light Classic Plus Bright Light

Carex Health Brands Day-Light Classic Plus Bright Light

The topper of our list, which made all of our researchers satisfied along with the customers, is Carex Health Brands Day-Light Classic Plus Bright Light. The Classic Plus Bright Light emits a maximum dose of 10,000 LUX of white light, which is also glare-free, at 12-14″. In this, you can easily adjust the height and angle. Apart from that, the pedestal stand is built in such a way that the light gets projected downwards. It has two light settings, therapy and task, which makes it one of the versatile option for those who need a bright light therapy.

The lamp uses three 36w CFL tubes that are supposedly very easy to replace, and another important thing to note is that the manufacturer recommends to replace them every two years due to declining efficiency.


  • This releases the maximum recommended 10,000 LUX of white light which is also glare free.
  • Around 99.3% of the UV rays will be blocked safely
  • It projects light downward
  • This is one model which is based on the model used by university researchers all over the world.
  • Angle and height adjustable for easy use


  • Some of the customers have reported flickering of light, but that again, is just one in this case. 
As per the National Centre for Biotechnology Information, there are millions of people out there, who gets affected by this disorder. So, how is it that you will recognise this disorder?

2. HappyLight Deluxe 10,000-lux Sunshine Simulator

After reviewing a lot of therapy light lamps, we found that HappyLight Deluxe is one which can take the second place in our top ten list. It is something more than just a bright light. It offers an active range that is quite large. This will be useful for situations wherein multiple users need to be treated at the same time. And while several light therapy lamps are extremely utilitarian, the HappyLight Deluxe is as svelte as it is functional.

HappyLight Deluxe 10,000-lux Sunshine Simulator

The HappyLight is capable of generating 10,000 lux from more than 14 inches away. But this doesn’t mean that you need to hover straight in front of this model to benefit from its effects.

The Verilux also offers several other advantages too. Most of the other lamps available on the market have a tendency to flicker (even though it is not very much noticeable). This slight flickering may cause strain in the eyes, along with fatigue, followed by general discomfort. We have happy news for you; the HappyLight Deluxe combines Flicker Elimination Technology thus providing a more relaxing experience. On the contrary, this model isn’t adjustable, but it also has a wall mount the included wall mount makes it easy to place the lamp in any room around your house.

In total, our team were satisfied with the HappyLight Deluxe, particular for something that looks like a typical CFL bulb. It is essential that you use it every day, and the bulbs are quite expensive if you wish to replace them. However, they commonly last for years.

Lets have a look into the advantages and disadvantages of this product


  • It is a safe, natural spectrum light therapy in a compact size.
  • UV blocked bright white light therapy
  • Broad surface area releases more light per square inch so as to have effective light therapy sessions.


  • Getting this product set up is quite tricky.
  • It may not give the standard of light therapy that users want since it has to be between 6” and 24” away from the user to be useful. 

3. NatureBright SunTouch Plus Light

NatureBright SunTouch Plus Light

The NatureBright Suntouch Plus will assist you through your day and thereby boost your mood and energy. The Sun Touch Plus showers you with 17,000 Kelvin UV-Free light. The UV-free light mimics the effects of a sunny blue sky and thus help you in reviving your mood. This model can emit the 10,000 lux light for ideal treatment sessions. Moreover, this is a warmer, bluer light than the conventional white light used with several lamps.

Apart from all that, it has a built-in timer, that allows you to pick your session length and then just relax. It is 13-inches tall and 9-inches wide, thus making it compact and ideal for the home or office. The SunTouch plastic build definitely is not the most impressive design. However, you’ll be hard pressed to notice a 10,000-lux unit this compact at $60.

One of the most quoted positives regarding this product revolves around its intricacy. The NatureBright SunTouch Plus does not induce pain and is a calming relief option. The complete concept of sitting in front of the lamp and drenching in the fresh light is easy to understand and draw results from.

The timer is remarkably simplistic to work. The settings are properly listed and are accurate based on the demands of each user. The user’s guide builds the meanings behind each timer setting and goes a long way in assisting a user assess their needs.

Now, let us have a quick look into the pros and cons of the product.


  • Built-in timer present
  • Impressive and Compact in design
  • Helpful user’s guide
  • Optional negative ioniser


  • As per customer reviews, some products produce an odorous smell during the release of the negative ions.

4. Sphere Gadget Technologies Lightphoria, 10,000 Lux Energy Light Lamp

Sphere Gadget Technologies Lightphoria, 10,000 Lux Energy Light Lamp

Next one on our list is the Sphere Gadget Technologies Lightphoria which also uses very bright lights up to 10,000 lux to simulate natural sunlight (also eliminates the harmful UV rays).

The Sphere Gadget Technologies SP9882 Lightphoria, unlike any other competitor in the market, has a sleek design that comes in an unbelievable lightweight. Though loads of therapeutic features compact it, the whole unit is quite portable, which certainly makes a great deal out of it.

It can release a  large spectrum type light wavelength  that can produce naturally comforting glows. The level of intensity can be set to your own choice, and you can set the timer from 15, 30 or even 45 minutes.

The slim and upright design of the Lightphoria Deluxe Energy Light Lamp gives a large surface-area light source without taking up excessive desk space. You can place it 12-18 inches away from you while you have food or even watch TV. It features a selectable timer in 15 minutes increments along with a backlit countdown the display. You can adjust the timer at any time. The built-in diffuser decreases the glare and eye fatigue whilst releasing an array of soothing UV and flicker free light.

Keeping all these features in mind, let us take a quick glance into the advantages and disadvantages of this product.


  • Lightphoria Energy Light Lamp does not necessitate hours of usage a day
  • The product comes with a full year warranty.
  • Provides comforting glare free, flicker-free light that will make you feel refreshed and awake.


  • The performance of the product may depend on the user. Some people use it at night, and the others use it during the daytime so as to avoid elevation of symptoms. However, this issue can be assisted through the right adjustments, which means there’s nothing really to bother about that regards.

5. Carex Health Brands Day-Light Sky 10,000 LUX Bright Light

Carex Health Brands Day-Light Sky 10,000 LUX Bright Light

The Day-Light Sky Lamp is the fifth one on our list, and it provides the maximum dose of 99.3% UV-filtered white light and projects light from above for useful therapy. Set up the Sky for optimal results with height and angle corrections. This light satisfies the clinical guidelines for efficient light therapy and provides two flicker-free settings for either therapy or task lighting.

This product meets the strict therapeutic criteria of most of the professionals and features a Bright Zone TM Technology. This contemporary, attractive and multi-purpose lighting system is also versatile and has a high-quality task lamp that emits clear non-glare light. Some of the users have reported that 30 minutes of sessions make a great difference to their mood and energy levels in the morning.

The Powerful lux and the capacity to efficiently support plenty of mood disorders and sleep problems is great to use. Day-Lights are engineered and tested to provide a large field of illumination at a comfortable distance for maximum therapeutic benefit.


  • Contemporary design for office or home
  • Glare-free diffusion screen blocks 99.3% of UV for safety of your eyes
  • Five years limited warranty


  • Some customers opine that the light intensity tends to degrade.
  • There complaints about its look. People say that they look cheap and substandard opposed to other brands in the market.

6. Amjo Sun BRIGHT Sun Lamp

Amjo Sun BRIGHT Sun Lamp

Next one on our list is the Amjo Sun BRIGHT Sun Lamp. The Amjo Sun BRIGHT utilises machine manufactured LED arrays which give lower cost, greater reliability and virtually no changes from unit to unit. This is one of the main reasons why we have selected it to be one among the top ten. The Amjo Sun BRIGHT Sun Lamp is a remarkable unit that is small, which comes to around 9″ x 5″ with an output window approximately 7″ x 4.75″ and presents unique performance.

The “BRIGHT” uses 108 individual LEDs that are directed in such a way that the useful light is maximally available for you. Not all LED lights use this kind of technology. The LED bulbs last longer than other bulbs types and are more durable. LED technology also holds the Amjo Sun Bright unit cool while taking long sessions. Therefore you can fix it in place for long periods without producing hazardous working conditions.

This lamp does not come with a noticeable clock, and it does not allow you to modify the intensity of the unit. Moreover, it doesn’t have a timer. This lack of features limit the ways you can communicate with the device. So, if you want to adjust the intensity, you may need to move the unit away of closer from you. However, the simplicity of this lamp does not limit its performance. The Amjo Sun BRIGHT Sun Lamp delivers powerful LED light levels. It arranges the LED lights in a specific pattern which helps in better focus of the light rays. These lamps combines the process to make sure that there is a consistent performance from one unit to the next.

Now, let us have a quick into the Advantages and Disadvantages of this lamp.


  • Built in wake-up light alarm clock gently rouses you
  • Advanced LED diffuser lens protects your eyes


  • Some of the customers complain that the lamp is good while travelling. However, it may not be very good while using it for daily home therapy.
  • It does not have a timer. 

7. Philips GoLITE Blu Light Therapy Lamp

Philips GoLITE Blu Light Therapy Lamp

The SAD lamps have gained popularity lately, and the market is now filled with various Light Therapy Lamps with attractive designs and features. With that in mind, we came to a conclusion that the Philips Rechargeable GoLITE BLU Energy Light can be listed as the seventh best product in the listing that we made.

This uses a distinct type of light therapy to conventional SAD light boxes to assist users with their energy levels, with a 200 lux light that is said to be as useful as a 10,000 lux white light and the capacity to work with just 20-30 minutes of use each day.

One of the greatest advantages of this GoLITE is the portability since it is not only small enough to be moved from room to room but also can function on a rechargeable battery or about an hour and a pop-out stand, increasing the choices of where it can be set even further.

Apart from all that, there are some features created to help buyers with their sessions and a general sense of comfort of use that is assisted by the manual and simple set-up. Some of the features that have been highlighted by the users are the light bar that keeps track of the length of time that the light has been in use and the travel lock.

Philips GoLITE BLU Energy Light uses a blue light rather than a white one, which is a what most people are used to an energy and SAD lights. This model has five intensity settings, but some say that this does not always help and there is no visual way to tell which setting it is on anyway. When you look more closely at the design of this specific model, you will find that there are also some concerns about how effective such a compact model will be; it may be portable but it doesn’t have the field of light of some other energy lights, and this can restrict its effectiveness.

There are warning some of the customers who have had unfavourable reactions after making the change, and this blue light apparently does not suit everyone. This means that it could be problematic for those that are purposely trying to reduce SAD symptoms or already have some light sensitivity problems.

So, in short, what are the main advantages and disadvantages of Philips GoLITE BLU Energy Light? Let us have a quick check on them.


  • It is portable, with a sleek new compact design.
  • Rechargeable blue therapy light with Bluewave. 


  • The compact design of this lamp may sometimes be trouble for some of the users.
  • The blue light may not clearly suit everyone.
  • This model has five intensity settings, but some users say that this does not always help. 

8. Northern Light Sadelite Desk Lamp

Northern Light Sadelite Desk Lamp

The Northern Light Technologies Nlt-trv Travelite is another ideal quality means for SAD light therapy. While its surface size is pretty large, the total dimensions are actually compact and portable.

This lamp comes with a free carrying case, enabling you to bring it anywhere. The stand allows you to decide between a horizontal and a vertical position. Eco-warriors will definitely love the fact that the SAD light box has a power consumption of 48 watts while still able to produce a brightness of at least 10,000 lumens.

Some SAD patients swear to the positive effects they felt from using the SAD light box. Even those who do not suffer from SAD feel energised when they use the Travelite. Some are even maximising the product by using it not just for SAD light therapy but for their regular lighting needs, such as in studying or while doing their makeup.

One of the main drawbacks which we found is that some find the size of the lamp is a bit bulky. However, most of the customers do not have any issues with that. It is, of course, a given fact that the brightness you get actually depends on how close or far you are from the light source, and the Travelite is not an exception as the intensity reduces to nearly 6,000 lumens if it is kept a foot away from the user.

In total, we can say that the Northern Light Travelite SAD light box is a commonly accepted seller when it comes to users who require light therapy. The size, considered as a disadvantage for some, actually makes the product very handy for other purposes.

Rounding it up, let us look into the advantages and disadvantages of Northern Light Sadelite Desk Lamp.


  • Provides 10,000 lux at a class-leading distance of nearly 20 inches.
  • It helps in adjusting the height and angle completely. 


  • The size of this product might tend to be an issue for some of them.  

9. Verilux HappyLight Liberty Personal

Verilux HappyLight Liberty Personal

Ninth one on our list is Verilux HappyLight Liberty Personal. This easily portable lamp comes along with several features and is of great quality. Verilux HappyLight Liberty Personal Flicker-free lights are ETL FCC, and ROHS certified. This model is not just lightweight, but also has a clean and modern design give buyers the opinion that will not be too meddlesome in a living room, study room or even bedroom.

Verilux HappyLight Liberty Personal provides up to 10,000 LUX via a natural spectrum light and optix glare-control lenses. Apart from that, it is also wall mountable.

As per the reviews by the users, Verilux HappyLight SAD lamp sound like the perfect purchase since they have these amazing features in them.

The white light intensity can take some time to get used to. However, some of the users may feel as though they are walking into the sunshine. This makes it apparently useful for those people who suffer from SAD.

The comfort lens has been pre-installed to make setting up the product much easier, and this is also true of the tilting base, a feature that enhances the adaptability of the light by letting users position it in different ways.

Moreover, you will also find that there is an optional cover that uses the output from 10,000 to 5,000 LUX and, with 10000 hours life in the bulb and a suggested 30 minutes to an hour a day, it is dubious that users will have to purchase a replacement bulb at all. There are some customers who wish to use it as a natural replacement for harsher lamps, and while this is likely, it may not provide the standard of light therapy that customer’s want because it has to be between 6” and 24” away from the user to be productive.

In brief, it seems as though this light therapy device has been well-considered with the arguable exception of the distance needed for sessions. Let us check the pros and cons of this product.


  • Simple design
  • Two intensity settings
  • Small, compact, goes just about anywhere


  • It does not have a timer
  • Some of the customers have complained about the light being blindly bright.  

10. Alaska Northern Lights NorthStar 10,000 Sun Lamp

Alaska Northern Lights NorthStar 10,000 Sun Lamp

The Alaska Northern Lights NorthStar 10,000 Sun Lamp is yet again an amazing lamp which aids in fighting the symptoms of SAD and other mood disorders. This lamp comes with a money back guarantee, and you can easily try it for 60 days! (Which is quite an ‘offer’ for most of the buyers)

The therapy light produces 10,000 Lux and features innovative reflective-type mirrors. The light disburses its illumination evenly and brightly, by utilising a diffuser so as to guard against glare. The bulbs for the light will generally last up to five winters too when you use it regularly.

Each of the box has two broad spectrum bulbs free of UV and blue light, particularly developed for light therapy. The Northstar light therapy unit made of steel and is built to last.

Most of the reviewers confirmed that the lamp is really effective and that they were happy after using it. Many of the customers say that the Alaska Northern Lights North Star SAD light was a reliable and trustworthy therapy light.

Now, let us have a quick look at the advantages and disadvantages.


  • It has 2 Broad spectrum biax bulbs without harmful UV C.R.I. 84, 4100 Kelvin
  • Compact enough for table top use or to carry to the office 


  • Some of the buyers had complaints regarding the fixing of the floor stand.
  • Lacks an instruction manual.  

Your Checklist: What To Look For!

If you have plans on buying a light therapy lamp, then you might require some homework on it, since the market displays several lamps, of which not all provide the same intensity. Moreover, these lamps will be of different types. So, choosing from the vast collection might seem to be a tedious task.

light therapy lamps

There are some lamps which provide ultraviolet rays and some other limit the UV rays but produce narrow-band light with short wavelengths so as to assist with blue-light therapy. Every individual might have their own choices and before you fix onto one, make sure that you check out these aspects: 
UV Output: There are some lamps that completely limit the UV rays (which are harmful to your body). However, there are some other, which don’t. ANd hence you may need to take precautions.

Spectrum: Here again, you will find that most of the light therapy program involves the full-spectrum light. However, there are some others which don’t completely utilise that. There is yet another lamp aka Blue-light therapy lamps, which help with the production of melatonin.

Lux Level: The majority of the light-therapy programs require light sources that produce a minimum of 10,000 lux, which is equal to that of full daylight. Some lamps do not generate the light you require so as to increase the levels of Vitamin D. However, they may provide various other benefits.

Size: When you buy a small lamp, it may not help you when it comes to larger units at the same distance. The lux measurement functions in conjunction with the distance from the light so as to ascertain the effectiveness of the therapy session.

How It Works

In a nutshell, for those who suffer from SAD, this SAD Light Therapy creates a simulation of sunlight at the most convenient time so that the Melanopsin receptors present in the eyes will be able to trigger the required Serotonin release within the brain for regular sleep cycles and general feelings of well-being.

For a SAD Lamp to give off the required amount of light for this Serotonin release, it has to emit light to a minimum of 2,500 lux.

Best SAD Light Lamps

Nowadays LED SAD lights have become more common since they emit 10,000 lux and also last much longer before getting replaced.

For a SAD Light treatment to function properly, the unit should be kept at a particular distance away in front of you, usually to either side so is in your peripheral vision.

We have written this review after several hours of research and also from the various reviews from the customers. Here, you will be able to find ten fabulous light therapy lamps, which will best suit your needs.


Light therapy lamps are very useful for treating a number of disorders, especially certain sleep disorders and seasonal affective disorder. Light therapy lamps assist with these conditions by imitating the brightness of the sun and, also with the case of circadian rhythm disorders, shifting people’s natural biological clock, so they sleep through “normal” nighttime hours. As with the case of seasonal affective disorder, it provides more “sunlight” for those living in places with long and gloomy winters.

Sometimes you might be trying to recover from a jet lag or perhaps a string of sleepless nights, and worse, from SAD. Light therapy can help you in improving all these disorders. These top 10 therapy lamps can help in getting your circadian rhythm back to your old track. Those users who wish to absorb more all-over warmth (especially during winters) can opt for these amazing SAD lamps since it helps users bounce back from the winter blues and get the required warmth.

We have carefully reviewed each product and have made sure that it meets all the necessary criteria, and hence you can safely rely on us to buy ‘the best’ light therapy lamp from the market.

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