10 Best Slippers – Let Your Feets Speak!

How many of you have had oops moment as and when you step on the floor, to find it too cold? Yes, me too have had a fair share of those incidents that left me wanting for something that would have kept my feets warm. We all love that soft, fluffy slippers that you cocoons your feet in warmth and comfort.

Slippers have been around for centuries with the first known use of the term dating back to the 12th century.  Today we mainly use slippers for their comfy and warm nature, but back in old times, slippers served a variety of different purposes. Japan has the tradition of removing their shoes before entering their homes after putting on slippers; this intended to show their respect for the house. If you look at Persians, who were known for their opulence practised wearing slippers before stepping on the expensive carpets to protect them. In the eastern side of the world, slippers gained popularity around the 16th century where it was a symbol of wealth, and a means to show-off.

Best Slippers 2017

These days, they have become the go-to comfort footwear. It is, in large part due to them being light, simple to put on and off and are very comfortable to wear. They have also become kind of a style statement with different styles, colours, materials, etc.

As always when making a top 10 or any review for that matter, it is imperative to know which all things should one look at to decide which ones make the cut. Here, I will list out some things that you should look in particular when you are searching for that perfect slipper.

1. Comfort

It may seem obvious that you should look your comfort while choosing the slippers. The thing is, there are too many factors that can affect the ability of the product to make you feel cushioned. The most important are the foot bed and the inner lining used. I have personally been victim to products that had a hard inner lining and ended up having a rash and some good pain. The foot bed matters because you may have to walk on surfaces that are far from smooth. If the foot bed is not soft enough, you will have a hard time walking. Also if you have a medical condition that requires you to protect your feet from hard objects, it will be very helpful to have a soft foot bed.

Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) foam is widely used to make the inner cushioning, because of its softness and also the fact that it is shock-proof to a great extent. Above all, it is light compared to other materials making it one of the favourites.

2. Weight

No matter how comfortable or cushioned a slipper is, it won’t be useful if wearing it felt like having a rock tied to your feet. That is why the weight of the product is very crucial to the overall experience. Slippers that weigh too much are not at all desirable and for obvious reasons such as the bulk causing them to fall off your feet everytime you take it off the ground. Materials you choose to make the footwear will have a noticeable impact on the weight. It is also why EVA is a favourite nowadays. Its feather-light nature helps it to be used in larger amounts to create more cushioning while not making it weigh more than most mountains. So make sure you take notice of the weight of the slipper before you pay.

3. Breathable

We all wear shoes and socks, and more often than not after a long day you will feel as if your fingers have glue in between them, also pardon me for mentioning that terrible stench that comes from your feet.  The smell is due to our feet having no contact with air and as a result, sweats profusely. The sweat accumulates as the day progresses in between the fingers,  causing the bad odour. Make sure the one you buy uses a breathable material as it helps your feet to literally “breathe” and has more air flow through them. Air flow helps reduce the bad odour and also prevents rashes from forming due to the same reason.

4. Durable

Consider this; you bought a new pair of relatively expensive slippers and the very first time it gets stuck to the ground, the outer sole comes off. That will not feel good as you paid a considerable amount to get them. It is true especially if you are the type of person who loves to wear these outdoors, as it can get stuck somewhere or bump against something at any time.

Durability, while mainly depending on the material, the stitching/glueing of the item as a whole is also important. EVA again is preferred owing to the same qualities mentioned above and the fact that it can double up as cushioning. Leather, being naturally smooth and sumptuous to touch is also very durable material.  Look out for those made with these materials as their combination often results in a durable product.

5. Getting In and Out

Remember those times when you have to wrestle with the shoe/ flip flop just make them fit your leg or to get your strap between your fat finger and the one beside it. Slippers should not make you do the same; they should be quick and easy to use. How simple it is to put on and take off the thing off your feet goes a long way in making the product desirable. Before you pay top dollars, try to make sure they are convenient to use.

In this article, you will get to see best slippers of 2017. So let’s take a look at the top 10 of those fluffy, light things that will have you feeling like walking all the time you wear it and are nothing but top-draw stuff.

1. UGG Ascot Leather Men’s Slippers

When it comes to Slippers, very few can match this beauty from UGG. UGG are renowned for making some of the finest footwear using materials such as genuine leather, suede, shearling wool, etc. It’s like a restaurant that only serves truffles; you know it’s made from bespoke materials the moment you see it, and you are right. UGG creates this piece from a combination of materials like cow and sheep leather, Ripstop nylon, suede, etc. It also includes many of UGG’s pioneering innovations like enerG comfort insoles, Treadlite UGG outsole, etc. It also features a lamb leather lining.

Performance: The trademarked technologies used by UGG makes sure that this thing handles indoors and outdoors equally well. Treadlite tech involves the use of a derivation of RMAT technology. UGG applies proprietary customisations to develop an ultra-light, thin yet durable and flexible outsole. It enables the product to withstand wear and tear for a long time. enerG comfort is a bi-layer insole technology that provides antimicrobial protection as well as superior rebounding capabilities. These technologies together with traditional craftsmanship ensure this product will outlast many of your other possessions.

Comfort: These technologies not only make it more durable but also super comfy too. Treadlite allows the slipper to be very lightweight and flexible so that it conforms to the shape of your feet. enerG comfort uses an open-cell insole that has polyurethane pods underneath which makes sure that you won’t feel most of the ground under your feet. The flexibility also means that it will snugly fit your feet. Add to this the fact that it has a lamb leather lining and woollen insides make these a very comfortable pair to have on your feet.

Pricing: It’s hard to argue with the 120$ price tag considering the innovation this thing packs inside. Deals around the web which give you the product for about 1/3rd of the asking price, which makes it all the more merrier.

  • Unmatched comfort
  • High Price
  • Innovative technologies
  • Classy looks
  • High-quality materials.

In short: Innovative features and unmatched craftsmanship UGG displays on this piece make it a near-perfect choice. It covers and protects your feet so well while being easy to put on and take off. Deals around the web lets you have it for much less than the original price.

2. Tamarac by Slippers International Cody Sheepskin

This product comes in at a close second in this list. It also features beautiful materials and sublime craft. It has features that enable it to be used indoors as well as outdoors. It looks more like a sneaker and can do the job of one in emergency situations. The type of materials includes suede, dyed lamb fur, memory foam and shearling to name a few. This one has a classy yet modern look to it and is available in a variety of colours.

Performance: The product comes with a suede upper that looks classy. The sole is thick and uses a durable rubber with treads which give good grip especially outdoors. The product features elastic goring wedges which make this product flex to accommodate slightly larger feet, and you can easily find the perfect fit. The fleece lining helps keep your feet warm even in cold weather.

Comfort: The suede upper not only looks regal it is also soft to touch and won’t hurt your feet. The wool covering inside is supple and feels sumptuous. The memory foam that forms the footbed will conform to your feet shape and then will regain its original form making you feel like you are walking on clouds. Thick outer sole protects you from the sharp objects that the road can throw at you. All these combine to give you a plush feeling that completes the experience.

Pricing: The prices on this thing range from 20$ to around 60$ making this a very enticing deal.   There is also a wide variety of colour tho choose from like Allspice, Rootbeer, Birch, etc. Anyone can find a colour that they like.

  • Long-lasting suede upper
  • Not easy to find the product in half-sizes
  • Elastic goring and fleece lining makes it a comfortable fit
  • Different colours can be much pricier
  • Footbed made of Memory Foam gives ample cushioning

In short: Apart from being vastly different in pricing based on colours and the fact that it is not available in half sizes. There is nothing else to fault about these beauties have comfort, style and usability all jammed into one.

3. Sorel Falcon Ridge

Sorel is among the industry favourites, and they have produced a rugged looking, versatile slipper with the Falcon series. It features suede and wool along with a rubber outsole and a removable foam bed which uses the EVA foam. The product is lightweight and snug fitting and also looks stylish thanks to the moccasin inspired whipstitched toe.

Performance: The slipper has a thin outsole that won’t give as much protection as some others, the use of EVA foam compliments the sole by providing adequate support for the user. The foam also means you will be very comfortable inside. With the light sole, it is more suited to indoors, where it will excel thanks to its light-weight. The design allows for a large opening which makes putting it on and taking it off will be a cakewalk.

Comfort: EVA form steals the show here; it provides excellent cushioning while masking the absence of a thick sole. The supple wool lining is very inviting. The insulated inner lining provides moisture absorption. These are best for people looking for a simple, comfortable, light slipper.

These are available from sorel’s website for around 70$ but many deals that lower the price drops as low as 42$.  That makes this a real value for money offering. For that price, you get a suede upper, wool lining, EVA footbed, synthetic sole and much more.

  • Lightweight
  • The thin outsole results in less protection
  • Durable
  • The soles also are prone to wear and tear
  • Stylish and very user-friendly
  • Affordable

In short: Falcon Ridge is a well designed, light, durable and zippy slippers that are also affordable. While the thin sole may prove to be inadequate for some people, it also helps it to be light-weight.

4. UGG Scuff Deco

If you are the kind of person who likes to make a statement even while you are sitting in the comfort of your couch, then this one will please you to no end. UGG uses full-grain rich leather along with some decorative stitching to make it stand apart. The innards use a dual-density foam and cork insoles and a rubber outsole. It exudes restraint luxury that gets the attention without being too flashy.

Performance: You see these are perfect for that cold winter day where you are sitting near your fireplace with a hot coffee mug and your favourite book. The use of a multi-material insole borrows tech from the Mongol bow (they were the first to use two material that compliments each other in one product) to make it even more comfortable. The soft rubber outsole adds to the serene experience. The sheep or lamb wool laid in swathes is just smooth and almost give you a tickling sensation. The thin outsole and the abundant wool inlay makes it inept for outdoors. It is not meant to be used there either, but indoors thing, where it belongs by birth, it makes for a beautiful experience.

Comfort: When you look at the materials used to make this, you will know that the experience will be cosy. The expensive looking wool is also supremely comfortable to your feet. This product is for those who loves their limbs to feel pampered. It is not only the use of bespoke materials, but they incorporate some technology too. The insole is a mix of dual-density foam and cork. Cork is an interesting thing, for one it is naturally available and recyclable. It also is moisture soaking and automatically conforms to the contours of your feet.

Pricing: A 100$ is a bit pricey to pay for a slipper, but as is the case nowadays, online retailers somehow get them to us at low rates. This one you can find on Amazon for around 45$ which is a super deal on such a premium looking product. For that price, you get one luxurious footwear.

  • Wool inlays make it look and feel smooth and inviting.
  • Thin outsole limits outdoor usage.
  • The use of cork and dual density foam provides moisture and odour free experience.
  • The design while classy, may not be liked by everyone.
  • The fine-grain leather and canvas upper are classy and comfortable to boot.
  • The wool lining is more prone to fast degradation.
  • Some deals around the web lets you have this at a steal of a price.

In Short: For that relaxed winter morning, it is just perfect. It is smooth to feel and enjoyable to use. The insole absorbs moisture to keep it dry and odour free. The thin outsole while suitable for indoors may not work well outdoors.

5. Mahabis Classic

Slippers are something that is more than footwear but part and parcel of their life. If that list includes you, these are a very recommendable pair of products. They are from mahabis, which is a lesser-known brand. Please don’t let that fool you because they have pulled off something worth checking out.

They look modern and retro at the same time. It has an Alcantara-like upper that has that touch of restrained elegance and is complemented by the coloured sole that is interchangeable.

Performance: How many of you have wanted a slipper that can be worn with heels and to be able to remove them when not required. Mahabis seems to have gone inside your head and did this. This product has removable ones which can be easily attached or detached as you please. This kind of makes it a use-anywhere item. When you are home and need something that is light, you may just remove the heel and use it. If you want to tread off-road for a bit, you can put them back on and be on your way.

Comfort: Mahabis has thought of everything, the neoprene material inside the product is an example for that. That enables the user to have the heels in any way they want. They also have made it thin, so they won’t feel like you swirled your blanket under the heel. The materials inside are comfortable as well; you have a wool lining for that smoothness and warmth. Then you have the felt fabric (made up of heavily treated wool fibres) for the upper which is very lightweight. It is one product that feels very comfortable without really trying.

Pricing: The asking price of 79 pounds (~100$ or 6400 INR) is on the higher side of the spectrum. It, like everything, can be bought on deals but they are scarce and will require some digging around.

  • Very light
  • Around 100$ for something that doesn’t use any expensive materials (sans the wool) is not justifiable
  • Interchangeable and removable heels make them immensely versatile.
  • It can be used outdoors but is not desirable as it is not that rugged
  • Neoprene heel inserts are a unique feature
  • Neoprene heel inserts have a bad habit of pulling your socks down while walking.
  • Retro and modern at the same time

In Short: Mahabis classic is an interesting item for sure, it has some unique features and is light, versatile and practical. The price tag and the scarcity of deals may put off some, but you won’t be disappointed if you want an item that has the above qualities and some unique styling and features.

6. Skechers Bobs Keepsakes

Don’t get me wrong,  these looks fantastic but also like your sheep (even if it is faux fur) downsized itself to fit inside this thing. It is one of those that you may instantly connect to. The amount of wool like padding will put a small sheep to shame. There is also an outsole that is around 1.7″ thick. That helps with cushioning and protecting yourself from bad surfaces. There is also a very supportive insole that further adds to the plush feel.

Performance: With the expanse of faux fur in the lining and padding inside makes these very comfortable to wear. Those will also help to keep your feet dry and give enough cold protection that will please you. The big outsole can give you more than enough isolation from sharp objects and also provides superior comfort. It also has a memory foam insole that makes it conform to the contours of your feet. The use of all that faux fabric also makes it not usable outdoors, especially in rainy times.

Comfort: The same factors also help in making it a very pleasant experience when it comes to comfort. The thick outsole not only isolates from rough surfaces it also gives it enough compliance to please the user. The soft to touch fur helps you to keep heat away from your feet. If that wasn’t enough the sweater material used for the upper also gives extra care from the cold outside. The midsole design absorbs shocks during that occasional jump/ fall. Comfort is not only about how soft they are, but it also amounts to the factor of weight and ease of use. The extra padding, while providing extra comfort also adds in weight which makes them a bit tedious to use. The use of soft fabric on heel top enable you to slip them in and take them off quickly.

Pricing: While the site has the product up for around 43$, you can find the product on sale for around 5$ which is slightly apprehensive. However, the reviews of the product also seem to favour it. At that price, one cannot complain much.

  • Very fashionable and funky
  • Thick soles adds extra weight
  • Can be found at dirt-cheap rates
  • Abundant use of fur limits the use especially on rainy days
  • Ideal to use indoors
  • Ample cushioning in out and mid sole means you can use it on rough surfaces.

In Short: A highly fashionable slipper that also is very comfy and smooth. Fur and thick soles give you superior protection. At this price just go, buy and enjoy it.

7. Wishpets Bear Paw Slippers

Now let’s take a turn towards a pair that will function more as a show piece and novelty rather than a practical product. It is, of course, usable with some funkiness added to the mix. It is in the shape of a bear foot that even has fake claws in it.  It is a cool item to gift your loved ones. With the help of the fur, it looks surprisingly real.

Performance: In spite of being more of an exhibit, it does have some practicality to it. There is a polyurethane outsole that provides adequate comfort for use in indoors. The sole is also textured, which helps with those slippery surfaces. The padding is not cushioning enough to warrant outdoor use.  As is the case with the last item on the list this too has an abundant coat of fur that makes it undesirable to use in rainy weather.

Comfort: The fact that it is full of faux fur helps with keeping your feet warm and comfy.  These are simple to wear and take off. It comes in three sizes that make sure that it fits most people. These are very light weight and makes them suitable for almost anyone.

Pricing: One can find these on the internet at around 14$ which is reasonable enough for taking a look at it. Their likeability makes them the perfect christmas gift or for Halloween.

  • Very attractive especially for kids
  • More of an emotional buy than a practical one
  • Fun yet usable
  • Cannot be used outdoors especially in rain
  • Pleasant enough for indoor use
  • Fur can cause bad odour

8. Orthofeet Asheville Comfort Arch

Slippers are meant to be wore by everyone that includes people who are unlucky enough to have to wear specially made one’s. These are the people who Orthofeet decided to help with Asheville comfort arch series. They are specifically designed to cater to the requirements of people with a wide variety of lower body related ailments. These pair includes many new features that are aimed at those people. However they are stylish enough so that normal people also can wear these.

Performance: As mentioned it primarily meant for orthotic people who has the need for specially designed external devices to alter their neuromuscular system that relieves their pain. So its features are also cater to those people. It has a contoured insole that is anatomically designs to offer maximum protection. It also has an easy gait which has patented designs on the outsole to that soften’s each step. The upper is has velcro which enables the patient to easily enlarge the opening to fit his needs. Air pockets are employed under the heel to provide for people with spur growth in their feet. In, mid and out soles also features materials of different properties that cater to different people.

Comfort: All the features make this one of the best for the target group of people. It has a wide variety of features that make it suitable for people with practically any ailment. The ability to have custom inserts is an added bonus, as it enables the user to adjust the heel height for his specific requirements. Orthitic insole has arch support and has padding on top of it which is of an anti-microbial fabric and foam that helps people with excessive sweating problems. The rubber outsole has patented technology to help the feet move forward.

Pricing: Before you complain about the rather high 80$ pricing , understand that these are meant for special use cases and have been designed after years of research. The breadth of issues for which these are suitable for makes them an absolute steal even at this price. Add to the fact that they are fashionable enough to be worn for casual outings makes them even more desirable.

  • Covers a wide spectrum of lower body ailments.
  • Price may put off normal buyers
  • Orthotic features
  • Also suitable for casual use

In Short: It is meant for a special purpose and does its job incredibly well. It also is modern and classy enough to be used by normal people. For those suffering from any one of the huge number of supported ailments, these are an absolute deal.

9. Derek Rose Morgan Leather Slippers

Now we are entering the elite category where you are actually paying for the brand rather than the actual product. Savile Row doesn’t need an introduction as they are synonymous with opulence and luxury. So is these pair of slippers from Derek-Rose, which use leather and then some more leather. You will see me using the world leather so many times because it, in its entriety is made from little else. The upper is calf leather, lining is leather, sole is suede, even the cushioned sock is made from leather. This feels like someone took a bunch of different types of expensive leathers and put them one after the other to make this thing.  These are among the leatheriest of slippers out there.

Performance: The fact that they are made from leather only makes it look and feel exotic. The branding adds to the feel of  laid-back luxury. People will know that you are very well off, the moment they lay their eyes on one. They are perfectly usable on indoors and outdoors, although the material may start to produce odour once they are soaked in rain. They are solely meant for showing off at an expensive dinner or to be worn on. It wont suit a normal laid back person.

Comfort: The product doesn’t have sci-fi tech to make you feel like walking on clouds or any particular item that stands out. It is a simple item with a leather padding that is on the thinner side. While they wont give you anything special, it just works fine indoors. Being all-leather it does feel soft and wont hurt your feet.

Pricing: As said any thing bearing the tag of a Saville row manufacturer will have a premium price tag, so does this it retails at derek-roses online store for 100 BP which is really expensive. Then again the target audience will already have something from the same street on them, for those this pair will be a perfect addition.

  • Luxurious
  • Limited audience
  • Will make a statement wherever you are
  • Not very functional

In short
These are meant for the upper elite to shoe off their wealth. That these pair will do that with elan. Make sure you have the apparel to match these beautiful creations.

10. Acorn Moc

We all have seen moccasin style footwear but this one is different in the fact that it doesn’t look like a traditional one. It looks refreshing and is stylish to boot. They have thought of everything that makes walking an enjoyable experience and then incorporated all that into this product. It has soft cushioning, is light but made sure they are easily wearable. Materials used are also machine washable which makes it super easy to clean.

Performance: These are very comfortable pair, the rubber sole while not thick is not slippery. it grips well even on wet surfaces. For short trips it is well suited. Long ones can feel uncomfortable. These perform as well indoors also, the cushioning is adequate and is pleasantly usable for long periods of time. The suede side inserts help with protection against rubbing or scratching against hard surfaces.

Comfort: Memory foams are a things of amusement, they regain their form even after repetitive abuse. acorn added something called “cloud cushion” which in simple terms make it genuinely comfy to wear. Polyester and fleece suede makes up the upper that is very soft. Midsole is made form a super soft foam which adds to the pillowy feel. The lightweight nature adds to the feeling of usability. The materials have moisture absorbing capabilities leaving your feet dry and bacteria and odour free.

Pricing: Although their listed price is around 104$ but you can find them for like 23$ which, considering the offering is a very fair deal.

  • Lightweight
  • Outsole may be too thin for many
  • High on usability
  • Sizing issues are reported as they come very large

In short: These are very practical, loveable and comfortable pair to use and will suit all users but be cautious about the sizing. It is advisable to buy something a size shorter.


These are the best slippers in the market. Choosing something that suits your requirements is always important and we have tried to list out a a varied list that has something for everyone. Whether medicinal, playful, classy, luxurious etc. we have them in this list. Even if you don’t choose something from this, be sure to check out the factors to consider when buying a good pair. Have a happy shopping experience.

As always when making a top 10 or any review for that matter, it is imperative to know which all things should one look at to decide which ones make the cut. Here, I will list out some things that you should look in particular when you are searching for that perfect slipper.

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