Best Pressure Cooker 2017 – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

In your busy scheduled life, cooking might be one of the things that steal your precious time. What if I say, you won’t take half that time for cooking, with the help of some best pressure cooker that are now available in the market? Startled? Happy? Relieved? You are free to be, because it is TRUE!


However, finding the ideal one that best suits your needs, might eat your time. But, you don’t have to worry because we have already done that job for you! We are here to help you pick out the best pressure cookers of 2017, that will assist you to cut down the cooking time and thus give you enough time to spend with your family and friends.

There had been times when the picture of pressure cookers was faint, and not many had it in their kitchen. However, things have changed now, and the Pressure cookers are exploding (of course, in a good way) into every home and restaurant kitchens. The first impression that the pressure cooker might create is ‘blow-you-away’ with its unique features.

Best Pressure Cooker 2017

When it comes to buying pressure cookers, the buyers will have to choose between the traditional type and non-stick type of pressure cookers. However, if you ask us, we would suggest the traditional stainless steel type over the non-stick ones. However, certain non-stick pressure cookers have great features which make it stand among those traditional models. The main reason why we do not recommend the non-stick ones is that its surface does not last long enough.

Pressure CookerSize
Instant Pot IP-DUO605-Quart, 6-Quart, 8-Quart
Instant Pot LUX 60 V35-Quart, 6-Quart V2, 6-Quart V3
Presto 017817-Quart, 23-Quart
T-fal P251076-Quart
Presto 013708-Quart
All American 92110.5, 15.5, 21.5, 25, 30, 41.5 Quart
Cuisinart CPC-6006-Quart
Breville The Fast Slow Pro6-Quart
Power Pressure Cooker XL 6 Quart6-Quart, 8-Quart
Presto 013624-Quart, 6-Quart

The pressure cookers come in various sizes. Four quart and six-quart pressure cookers are the standard ones. However, if you wish to get something smaller or even larger, you will be able to find it on the market. The main points you may need to consider before buying a pressure cooker would be the number of portions you usually prepare, the storage space and also your budget.

In our site, you will find the best pressure cookers of various size, price and model. We have carefully reviewed each pressure cooker and have listed only the ones that have outdone the standards of a sturdy, reliable, energy-saving, a multi-functional and user-friendly pressure cooker.

Pressure Cooker: How It Works?

So, what are these pressure cookers? What is it made of? And how does it work? If you wish to have a safe and reliable cooking experience, then you should probably go for pressure cookers with the best quality and heavy-gauge steel. This, you will be able to find out from the label, which will be displayed on the box, by the manufacturers.

Now, let us move on to our reviews, in which you will be able to find the best ten pressure cookers. Our research team has taken a lot of effort in testing and checking all the pressure cookers, which were reviewed to be the best among the customers. These are ten pressure cookers which not only has value for money but also has best features and overall quality.

1. Instant Pot IP-DUO60 – Best Multi-functional Pressure cooker

Instant Pot IP-DUO60Instant Pot IP-DUO60 has ranked first on our list due to its multiple features and best reviews. This 7-in-1 Multi-Functional Cooker is easy not only easy to use but is also a kitchen friendly fully-programmable pressure cooker. You can easily make ‘yummilicious’ meals within few minutes. So, what does it do when it says ‘7-in-one’? This cooker can be used as a slow cooker, rice cooker, pressure cooker, for sauteing or browning, making yoghurt or can also be used as a steamer and warmer.

This Instant Pot has a user-friendly control panel which has 14 built-in Smart Programs (microprocessor controlled programs). Instant Pot IP-DUO60 can help in preparing Soup, Meat or Stew, Cook Bean or Chili and Poultry. Apart from that, it assists in Sautéing, Steaming, cooking rice, Porridge and Multigrain. Another major function is Slow Cooking. The Yogurt Maker function made available in this pressure cooker can assist you with heating the milk for pasteurisation and fermentation, thus making yoghurt in either jar or perhaps the cooking pot for around 5L of milk.

The dual pressure settings is yet another feature of this pressure cooker, which will enable you to cook quickly and flexibly. If you are handling delicate foods then you can cook on low pressure. On the other hand, if you wish to cook fast, then you can utilise the high pressure, which allows you to cook fast and hence save time.

Coming to the safety mechanisms of this product, you will be able to find that this pressure cooker is UL and ULC certified, which itself means that it meets all the safety requirements. Apart from that, it has ten confirmed safety methods too.
  • These pressure cookers are extremely energy efficient and kitchen friendly.
  • The whole set includes stainless steel steam rack along with the handle & manual (you will also find recipes written in English, Chinese, Spanish and French) and 3-ply bottom stainless steel cooking pot.

The stainless steel pot, sealing ring, and also the anti-block shield can be easily washed since it is dishwasher safe.

Now, let us have a quick look at the pros and cons of Instant Pot IP-DUO60


  • Convenience: The eight turn-key function indicates the most basic cooking tasks. Delay timer of up to 24 hours, will help you in reducing cooking time by nearly 70%.
  • Preserving nutrition values along with the tastes: The smart cooking functions of the Instant Pot helps in doing the best job in order to maintain the nutrition as it is in the food ingredients. When you pressure cook, it also brings out the genuine natural taste of the food.
  • Clean & pleasant cooking experience: The cooking experience, when you work with this cooker, becomes very clean and comfortable since you won’t be able to find cluttered kitchen space anymore. You can say goodbye to those messy spills, and the suffocating experience in the kitchen.
  • Energy efficiency: This pressure cooker can save up to 70% of energy.
  • Leading safety and dependability: This pressure cooker Is safe by all means and is reliable.


  • When it comes to price, this pressure cooker costs a little more than the normal rice cooker.

2. Instant Pot LUX 60 V3 – Best Electric Pressure Cooker

Instant Pot LUX 60 V3According to our researches and reviews, the Instant Pot IP-LUX60 V3 is the second favourite pressure cooker, which is an upgraded version of the Instant Pot LUX60 model. Being the latest model, it has all the advanced and attractive features which the previous model did not offer. When compared with the Instant Pot IP-DUO60, this one is relatively cheaper (however with less features than ‘our best pick’).

The Instant Pot IP-LUX60 V3 which is of 6-quart capacity is otherwise called as a 6 in 1 cooker. This is mainly because of the number of cooking options that are made available for the users. This Instant Pot IP-LUX60 V3 not only helps in pressure cooking your food but also helps in sautéing and browning. Apart from that, it also offers several other core functions. It can serve as a slow cooker, a steamer, a rice cooker, and food warmer.

There is a series of programs so as to change the start cooking time, the cooking method or the time to cook. The cooking time could be delayed for around 24 hours and the automatic warming function available, will help to keep your food hot until you are ready to have it. There are nearly three rice cooking settings, which includes congee rice, multigrain rice and regular white rice. It has a large and easy-to-use control panel along with the Cake and Egg cooking programs.

The improved Cake and Egg cooking programs available on the pressure cooker enables you to pressure cook perfect cakes and eggs. The main use of pressure cookers is to speed up cooking and save your time. And this one helps you to improve your cooking speed by nearly 26 times by using up to 70-percent less energy.

Being the advanced 3rd generation technology, it comes with an embedded microprocessor so as to greatly improve the cooking result and thus keep the consistency and improve safety. One of the greatest advantages of this pressure cooker is that it produces almost no noise or even steam while cooking and you can call this as a truly a kitchen-friendly appliance.


  • 6-in-one programmable cooker
  • 10 built-in programs and three adjustable modes
  • Cuts cooking time and saves the amount of energy consumed by 70%
  • Preserves nutritional value of food
  • Can switch to the silent operation mode.


  • You might find it a bit complicated when you use it for the first time.

3. Presto 01781 – Best Canner Pressure Cooker

Presto 01781The third one on our list is Presto 01781. Have you heard the process of canning? That is the process which helps to preserve those foods (such as fruits and vegetables) that have a tendency to get spoilt fast. Canning assists in getting rid of the micro-organism, and thus it preserves them. Presto 01781 23-Quart Pressure Canner and Cooker helps with this process of canning. You can easily preserve salsa, fruits, jellies or even pickles. As per the reviews received, this is one pressure cooker which is stylish, and dependable.

This pressure cooker is constructed of warp-resistant heavy-gauge aluminium which helps in fast and even heating.

The composition of this pressure canner has been modified for easy use, and to help prepare food flawlessly. The liquid capacity of the pressure cooker is 21.8 litres or say 23 quarts. Since this pressure cooker is made of high-quality aluminium, (which is a good conductor of heat) it can withstand warping.

Presto 01781, apart from being a good pressure cooker, it is also a good canner. It is designed in such a way that it prevents the lid from opening until the pressure in cool enough. The Deluxe pressure dial gauge displays the entire range of processing pressures.

The Presto 01781 is a reliable kitchen-friendly appliance who’s the lid is made of steel, and the air vent/cover lock is present so that you don’t have to get bothered about it. There is an inner sealing ring, which helps to form an airtight environment for best efficiency and the overpressure plug helps prevent you from burning yourself while opening the canner/pressure cooker when it has done its job.

Analysing all its features, we have come to conclude that this is one pressure cooker which will serve your needs very well. Let us take a look at the pros and cons of this product.


  • It is a very safe and reliable pressure cooker
  • It not only serves as a pressure cooker but also as a canner
  • Its construction helps in fast and even heating
  • Makes your cooking part easy due to its extra large size
  • 12 year warranty
  • Easy to clean


  • Thought the extra large size seems useful to most of them; some people find it annoying (especially when it comes to the entire weight of the cooker)

4. T-fal P25107 – Best Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

T-fal P25107If you have been looking for a durable, attractive and easy-to-use stove-top pressure cooker, then T-Fal P25107 Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker is the best bet. According to our team of researchers and reviews from the people, this is one pressure cooker which is an asset to any kitchen. You will be able to control the pressure and cook food accordingly since it has 10 and 15 PSI settings. It can not only be used on all surfaces but also can be used on induction stovetop too. It has two pressure settings, 10 or 15 PSI. With the help of these two settings; the user will be able to choose the appropriate pressure settings and prepare food. The P25107 Cooker also assists you in steaming food, cooking meat or even roast and corn beef.

As with the safety, you will be able to find various safety devices which also includes a lid that locks when the cooker is pressurised and will not open till the pressure abates. Apart from that, there is also a pressure indicator on the lid, which notifies the user about the pressure which has built up inside the cooker. You can carry them comfortably and can also be cleaned easily since it is dishwasher safe.

Let us take a quick look at the pros and cons of this pressure cooker


  • Long-lasting
  • Safe to use since it has secure locking lid
  • Durable stainless steel body
  • It can be used on induction and stove top
  • The two pressure settings helps you to cook at different pressure


  • It has a considerably limited content size, particularly in comparison to some of those professional standard pressure cookers.
  • When you compare the capacity of the pressure cooker, you might find it a bit expensive.

5. Presto 01370 – Top 8 Quartz Pressure Cooker

Presto 01370The Presto 01370 is an 8-Quart Pressure Cooker and is the latest model with an advanced design of the pressure regulator. It also comes with an automatic pressure release. This pressure cooker, which is made of steel, also sports a tri-clad base where an aluminium disk is surrounded in between two layers of stainless steel. This form of metallurgy enables the aluminium to transfer and hold heat efficiently while supporting the non-reactiveness, strength, lustre and also easy cleaning of stainless steel. This user-friendly pressure cooker can be used on all cooktops such as gas, electric, ceramic and induction. All these features along with the reviews given by people who have used it, made us place Presto 01370 in the fifth position of our list.

Apart from the specifications, it also has quite a lot of safety features. The Presto 01370 uses a gasket so as to generate a hermetical seal between the cooking pot and the lid. Moreover, this cooker has two short handles, which serves a purpose for easy transport and even weight. They also house the air vent/cover lock, the pressure regulator, and overpressure plug.

You will be able to find a vent pipe in the primary handle, on top of which rests the pressure regulator along with a lever.

Once you are all set to cook, you need to close the lid by matching the “v” mark on the cover with the same on both of the body handles. The overpressure plug on the secondary handle releases excess pressure if at any case the primary valve gets blocked. It also comes with a 64-page recipe/instruction booklet thus letting you maximise the functions of your Presto 01370 pressure cooker.

This pressure cooker has only one pressure level of 15 pounds per square inch. And, if you wish to adjust cooking duration, then you may need to do it manually.

Along with this pressure cooker, you get a 12-year warranty period which exceeds the norm by around two years.

With all this said, let us have a quick look at the advantages and disadvantages of this pressure cooker.


  • Safe and Fast cooking experience
  • The stainless steel construction along with the tri-clad base helps in fast and uniform heating.
  • The pressure regulator helps in maintaining correct cooking pressure automatically.
  • Quick Cool option


  • It can cook only at about 15 lbs of pressure.
  • This one is not recommended for canning

6. All American 921 – Top Rated Stovetop Pressure Cookers

All American 921All American 921 21-1/2-quart pressure cooker/canner can hold nearly 19 pint jars or 7-quart jars and is built solely for canning. It also comes in 10.5 quart, 15.5 quart, 25 quart, 30 quart and 41.5 quart capacities. This is one pressure cooker you should buy if you wish to have a traditional pressure cooker. It relies on metal-to-metal sealing with high gauge screws so as to seal the pressure. Apart from that, it has changeable pressure settings of 5 psi, 10 psi and 15 psi along with auto pressure release regulator and geared steam pressure gauge.

​As with its construction, it is made from durable and hand cast aluminium thus giving it a satin or glossy texture. This heavy duty cast aluminium helps in cooking and canning easily and fast. This pressure cooker does not have a rubber gasket which means that there are no parts to wear out and thus there is no need of replacement.

Most of the people, in their reviews, say that the stainless steel 921 pressure cooker canner is safe, durable and high quality. All American 921 is 15-3/8 inches high with 12-1/4-inch inside diameter and is made in the USA. This pressure cooker ensures safety by allowing the overpressure plug, Stay-cool bakelite handle (on the top) and safety control valve.

Having said that, let us take a quick look at the pros and cons of this pressure cooker.


  • It has a very large capacity
  • Made of hand-cast aluminium with attractive texture and appearance
  • Extremely reliable metal-to-metal seal
  • Fewer bells and whistles, but yet safe.


  • It is quite heavy
  • This pressure cooker is not suitable for ceramic or glass top ranges

7. Cuisinart CPC-600 – 6 Quart Pressure Cooker

Cuisinart CPC-600

Next on our list is the Cuisinart CPC-600 6-Quart Electric Pressure Cooker. If you want a hassle-free cooking and eat healthily, you can go for this one. It helps in reducing the cooking time by around 70 percent. This pressure cooker can not only help in pressure cooking but also helps in browning, saute, simmer and hold food warm till the perfect moment for you to have it. You will also be able to find an easy-to-read display. It makes it simple for you to program and thus take advantage of the precision thermostat that allows you to get the exact results you want from the electric pressure cooker.

As with its construction, we can see that it is a 6-quart capacity pressure cooker with dimensions of 12.20″ x 12.20″ x 13.19″ and weighs 12.57 pounds. Its stainless steel exterior, with nonstick pot, has other extra accessories such as Pressure limit valve, lid, power cord, trivet, sealing ring, cooking pot, rubber grommet, condensation collector and sealing ring cover.

Cuisinart pressure cooker has a timer included, which enables you to make sure that you always hear when your food is ready.
The cool touch handles of this pressure cooker help you from fumbling around with a tea-towel, praying that it doesn’t slip from your hands. This convenient pressure cooker is safe in all means of interactions and is built to North American Electrical Standards. The cooking pot, as well as the trivet, is dishwasher safe and hence you don’t have to worry about the cleaning part.

Now let us take a quick look at the advantages and disadvantages of this pressure cooker.


  • The Cuisinart CPC-600 saves cooking time by 70 percent
  • The digital display is easy-to-read
  • It has cool-touch handles and a nonstick dishwasher-safe cooking pot and trivet.
  • It has both low pressure and high-pressure settings


  • The Inner pot of this pressure cooker is made of non-stick material contested to produce health concerns.
  • The material has a tendency to decompose at high temperatures and may blend in food.

8. Breville The Fast Slow Pro – Best Slow Cooker 2017

Breville The Fast Slow Pro

The Breville Fast Slow Pro pressure cooker will help you solve most of your ‘cooking-problems’, with the support of six functions present in it. All these (proper-functioning) features impressed most of the people (and us) and thus made it to the top ten list of the best pressure cookers. With this, you will be able to saute veggies before you cook a chili or even sear meat before you slow cook it, all in the same cooking vessel. The pressure cook function of this multi cooker also allows the cooker to help in fast-cooking.

This pressure cooker contains a cylinder-shaped vessel along with a detachable cooking bowl and durable side handles. The cooking bowl has a ceramic coating, and hence it is easy to clean, and it also comes with a detachable steam basket and stainless steel rack so as to raise the food above the cooking liquid. The lid comprises of a silicone gasket in order to correctly seal the unit for pressure cooking, along with a pressure release valve.

Apart from all its external features, it shows six cooking options, which allows you to pressure cook, slow cook, sear, reduce, steam and saute (on an LCD display). You can select your settings with the help of three knobs and three buttons which will be available below the display. The LCD colour changes according to the cooking, releasing steam and pressurising. There is also a keep warm function, which turns on after your cooking gets done.

As with its safety, you will be able to find a 3-Way Safety System-safety locking lid, along with automatic hands-free steam release and a safety valve. All these features allow you to handle this equipment safely.

With these features highlighted, let us have a glance at the pros and cons of this pressure cooker.


  • Versatile multi-cooker with 11 pressure cook settings
  • It is very safe to use
  • It has extra accessories (ex: removable cooking bowl)
  • Durable side handles and detachable steam basket
  • LCD changes colour with functions


  • The lid is complex so as to lock properly

9. Power Pressure Cooker XL 6 Quart – Cooker with flavour infusion technology

Power Pressure Cooker XL 6 Quart

The 6 Quart Power Pressure Cooker is yet another ideal device for all those who wish to cook their favourite dishes quickly. It not only helps in reducing your cooking time, but it also has other multiple functions and is also extra large in size. The flavour infusion technology of this pressure cooker is a unique feature, which helps to maintain all the aroma, taste, and also the flavors of all the dishes.

The Power Pressure Cooker has sufficient capacity so as to hold 4pt jars, thus making it perfect for canning fruits, vegetables, and other eatables. This cooker, apart from using a pressure cooker technology, also uses a digital interface with pre-set cooking times. It also comes with an automatic Keep Warm mode which help preserve your food for a long time.

The stainless steel housing of the pressure cooker guarantees that the heat never leaves from the food. Along with the Power Pressure Cooker, XL comes a recipe Book, Canning Guide and a Power Chopper. It is easy to maintain the quality of this pressure cooker since all you need to do is to wipe clean the stainless steel housing. With all these amazing features, this sturdy and durable pressure cooker has taken a spot on the top ten list. The safe lock lid and automatic keep warm mode makes this product safe to use.

Let us take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of this pressure cooker.


  • Helps to cook to perfection
  • Removable inner pot is dishwasher safe for effortless cleanup
  • Can help in canning fruits or vegetables
  • Flavour infusion technology
  • Digital display panel


  • According to some of the reviews we received, few people have complained about not receiving a manual with their product.
  • Some of the people claim that it does not retain nutrients and vitamins of the food

10. Presto 01362 – Budget Friendly Pressure Cooker

Presto 01362

The tenth one on our list is the Presto 01362. This stainless steel pressure cooker has the liquid capacity of 6-quarts. The 01362 pressure cooker works on all cooktops, which also includes induction heating with dimensions of 19 x 9.9 x 9.8 inches and weighs 6.4 pounds. You will be able to get the perfect flavour for all the foods you cook because the cooking rack enables it to do so.

As with the safety, this pressure cooker automatically controls the proper cooking pressure with the help of a pressure regulator that consistently gives you the essential audible signals so that you know when your food is done. You will also be able to find a cover lock indicator which also helps with the safety by preventing the cover from opening until the pressure has been reduced to a safe point.

Along with this pressure cooker, comes the dual 64-page instruction and recipe book. The helper handle of Presto 01362 makes carrying the pressure cooker easy and safe. It is also dishwasher safe, thus making it easy to clean.

Apart from all that features, you will also be able to find a tri-base which sandwiches the Aluminium between two layers of Stainless Steel so as to assure the greatest quality heat conduction. It will thus help in saving time, energy and even money by contributing an even heat distribution throughout the cooker. Presto also offers an extended 12-year warranty.


  • It is quite cheap when compared with the rest of the pressure cookers
  • Strong, sturdy and safe
  • Stainless steel makes it perfect for browning, and it heats up fast and retains heat well.
  • Dishwasher safe


  • The handle might seem quite complicated when you hold with one hand.
  • The pressure cooker comes with handles in parts. And you may need to follow the instructions and assemble the handles.
  • You can only find one pressure level of 15 psi
  • This model doesn’t have an automatic pressure release function.

Which size should you choose?

To choose a pressure cooker ideal for your kitchen is not as easy as you think. There are lots to consider before you buy one. Size is one of the criteria where you might get stuck. So, which is the suitable pressure cooker size? First of all, there is no such thing as ‘perfect size’. It all depends on the total number of people in your home or the portion you cook.

A Four Quarts pressure cookers are ideal for those who are single or sometimes for couples. Moreover, if you wish to cook only a small portion of food, then this is the best pick. Considering the Six Quarts pressure cookers, we can say that it is best suited for families with more than two members. And third, comes the Eight Quart pressure cookers. If you have one big family, then this is the ideal choice. The sizes don’t end here. You will also be able to find size-16, 18, and even 23.


When it comes to reviewing and choosing the best traditional or advanced pressure cookers, you need to check into various basic features (and advanced features) which work perfectly. The pressure cookers must not only be durable and safe, but should also be economical. In our review, we have not given style or extra features as a priority, but rather safe and efficient operation is what we looked for. Keeping the points as mentioned above in mind, there was no other pressure cooker than Instant Pot IP-DUO60, which could make the cut (as the first one on our list). With the price that it comes with, the product offers you more than what you can expect out of it. Moreover, when it comes to style, Instant Pot IP-DUO60 is also appealing. The durability, efficiency and the ease of operation are also best among the rest of the pressure cookers we tested. This can become your best buy due to all these amazing features along with the safe operation too.

When it comes to buying a pressure cooker, you also need to think healthy because, you do not just need a pressure cooker to cook the meal that you had intended to, but you also need to retain all its nutrients and flavours along with it. For nearly a hundred dollars, you will get the best pressure cooker which will give you great tasting meals quickly.

Things To Keep In Mind

Before you buy a pressure cooker, you need to know that it is a long-term investment and that it can serve you as well as your family for the years to come. And therefore, it is essential to take your time and find the best cooker suitable for your needs. Also, when you consider the price make sure that you avoid lower quality bargain cookers that may affect your experience. If you do get a low quality one, then you might find yourself looking for a new pressure cooker after a few years (or perhaps even months).

Apart from that, make sure that you read the instructions and safety precautions before starting with the cooking so that you don’t get wrong anywhere. We hope that this review has helped you pick on the best pressure cooker for you!


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